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hi there!

I'm jackie

I'm a mom of three under 3, elementary school teacher, and a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant.  My goal is to help parents teach their babies and toddlers how to sleep independently!

As a new mom I read books, blog posts and sleep manuals to learn how to "sleep train" my son.  I considered him and his younger sister, great sleepers, but periodically found myself dealing with night wakings, early rising and short naps!  I thought I was doing everything right, but as they grew, the problems intensified! My husband and I were exhausted and out of ideas.  I wished and wished that we would all get more sleep!  I eventually found myself working personally through a sleep plan as the client.

The results still seem like a miracle. Following the completion of their programs, my children are willingly going down for naps and bedtime, sleeping through the night and generally happier little babes!

my wish:



Baby SleepWish was established in hopes that I can help give parents the tools and confidence they need to help their own little families get better sleep!

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